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It’s Possible To Outsource Your Content And Still Maintain Quality

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It's Possible To Outsource Your Content And Still Maintain Quality

Every business needs to periodically outsource content, but quality does not have to suffer. If you don’t outsource then it is likely that other parts of your business could very well suffer. The reality is that there are so many hours in a day and you can’t do everything.

In this smart blog from the team at The Content Production Company, let us show you how it's beneficial to outsource your content.

Evaluate What You Should Outsource

The first step is deciding exactly what you need to outsource.

You may be experiencing time constraints or a lack of in-house expertise. Whatever the reason, outsourcing areas of your content should give you a measurable return on your investment.

First, evaluate the skill set you or your team possess, this will influence how you determine what to outsource. 

Be clear, outsourcing is no reflection on the skills of you or your content team.

Anything that cannot be achieved in-house could be slowing your marketing plan, and outsourcing is the sensible choice, but you need to be confident of the quality of content returned. 

Breaking it down into categories helps "Blogs, Posts, Product Description, Advertising, Newsletters etc " Evaluate which of those are best to outsource.

Plan a clear strategy, define its purpose, and your reasons for outsourcing.

Outsourcing Content - The Content Production Company

The Next Step

Now you have identified the content to outsource, you need a content production outlet, either an agency or a freelance writer.

Some people can see this as daunting, but identifying which writer to hire and exactly what that writer needs, ensures your content quality is maintained.

If you find yourself concerned that the writer may not create newsletters, articles or blogs that meet your standards, deliver the metrics you want your content to achieve. This is your chance to ensure you're not disappointed.

Content writers are trained in many types of research methods, but agencies will have a researcher or research team to help writers create an expert document.

It may be that you have great subject expertise in your company, but they are phased at the thought of writing content. Involve them in setting the tasks for the writer and let them assist with defining some of the material.

Many people who outsource content often find that the writer takes a fresh perspective, and is very likely to have ideas regarding the type or style of content that will interest your customers or followers.

Create Clear Instructions

Don't shoot the messenger is a well-worn phrase, but in this case, it's the opposite. How you communicate to the writing agent will influence the quality of the delivered content

Providing your chosen writer with concise instructions ensures you maintain quality. Deliver the key metrics that guide the writer and Invite the writer to ask questions.

Ask yourself, what questions would I need answering if I were writing this content, some key examples are;

  • What tone should they be writing in?
  • What are your keywords that they must include?
  • Is the piece to include images? If so give the number of images
  • How long should the content be? ie number of words
  • How many links are required to be inserted?
  • Will there be links from specific resources and experts?
  • Are there passages from an article that should be quoted?

Providing the writer with answers to those questions, gets the project off to a flying start with metrics to adhere too. Good content creators will be able to understand and work to those metrics. 

Define your preferred form of communication, your availability to answer questions is crucial.

It's About Style

If outsourcing content is a regular plan, you should examine the creation of a company content style directory.

Your directory should point to the “ structure, grammar, and tone that you require in content creation. The writer is then more likely to deliver a quality piece of content to meet your style and fit.

Remember, the goal is to improve your content marketing strategy, help your outsource to deliver.

Appraising The ROI

What you want is good quality content providing "value for money". Evaluate the ROI of outsourcing some or all aspects of your content needs.

Protracted timescale to create content, poor ideas, lack of creativity, and expertise will deliver a poor in-house ROI. Better to outsource and remove the additional time management issues, costs, and tedious stress.

Any parts of your content production that have low ROI should be outsourced to an expert. Content is a key element in your marketing and sales strategy, don't leave things to chance.


Outsourcing any part of your business might be a challenge at first and many businesses continue to struggle with in-house creation that gives a poor ROI.

Our conclusion is, that's the wrong decision.

Don't avoid outsourcing, which can achieve great content easily. Just follow our guidelines to maintain quality.

If you do that, outsourcing your content will be uncomplicated.

Talk to us today, let us take the load.