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What Is A Blog Post?

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What is a Blog Post?

Thinking about creating a blog?  A Blog can be a highly effective way to get your content onto the web. However, like all things there is a right way to go about it.

Before you pour endless hours into producing content you will want to know what people are looking for. For example, what makes a good blog post vs a mediocre one.

Read our post to find out more about what a blog post is and how you can produce an effective one.

What is a Blog

The first area you will need to understand is what a blog post is. There are certain guidelines and frameworks that you should be aware of.

A blog is an informational website, in the past more often referred to as a journal. In the blog you would find the most recent posts appearing at the top of the page. Writers or indeed groups of writers are able to share their thoughts and experiences around a particular topic.

The craze started around 1994. At this time it was more like an online shared personal journal or diary.  People tended to share their interests and also covered aspects of their daily routines.

But entrepreneurs, businesses and writers recognised there was a fantastic new way to deliver information. And birth was then given to what we now refer to as “blogging”.

What Is A Blog Post - The Content Production Company

A Blog’s Primary Purpose

Writers can start their blog for either business or personal purposes. Blogging Businesses normally have a singular purpose which is to position the website as high up in search engines to deliver large volumes of traffic. 

When you start out in business a blog can be a great way of gaining the attention of your prospective customers. It allows you (over time) to display a high level of knowledge about your chosen line of business, which in turn helps to spread confidence.

A blog can also be a great tool for the generation of leads. It can help to send “qualified” traffic to your site, while at the same time growing your brand awareness. 

Effective blogging can help to increase your business’s credibility. This could be vital in the early days as you try to establish trust. It ensures presence and authority, plus product knowledge.

But think about what you want your blog to achieve, before creating it.

Blog structure

Ensure you layout your blog in a clear and concise way that makes the information easy to read.

The way that blogs are structured has evolved and now includes different items. 

However, even today they still contain basic structure and of course features. Here are some of the most likely elements that a blog would include:

  • A Header with a menu and possibly a navigation bar.
  • Primary area for content with latest the most recent post highlighted
  • Social media profiles in the header area
  • A CTA (Call-to-Action)
  • The Footer will have links like privacy terms or a contact page. 

4 Steps Towards Creating Your Blog

Once you have a format, you can get started on creating your blog. A simple checklist of steps below.

  1. Choose a blog name. Be descriptive and innovative
  2. Choose a style and adjust it to suit what your brand represents.
  3. Write your first post and publish it. Always a great milestone.
  4. Attract people to read it by promoting it on your social circles or choose a paid advertising channel. 

Ideally your blog name should allow potential readers to instantly grasp what your topic is about. This makes it easier for your blog to stand out in what is a “crowded” market-place.


Getting Your Blog On The Internet

The last step is to make your blog live. After all, the whole purpose of producing a blog is that it can be accessed by others, isn’t it?

This may seem daunting, but it's a necessary step. The prerequisite here is a (good) website host.

A web host is the provider that stores your files. These files are then delivered via a browser when your new visitor enters your blog name or address.  

You must use a hosting company to be able to have your blog online. It should be noted that there are a number of things that you need to consider when choosing a host. While the cost is nearly always important it is worth understanding that the cheapest nearly always comes with issues.

Most bloggers tend to choose WordPress as their platform. This is due to how easy it is to customise it. Of course, there are many other platforms available to use aside from WordPress. 

What Is A Blog? - The Take Away

We are pretty confident that you have gained some useful insights. The world of blogging doesn’t have to be a scary place, especially when you have some good resources to fall back on.

Once your blog is up and running you will want to work at increasing the quantity and quality of your content. This practice will go a long way in helping your readership engaged with your work.

If you feel you need any assistance with the production of your blog content then the friendly team at The Content Production Company is here to help!